I Wrote a Book for You!

November 13, 2021

A book by Nicole Dauz with the title

I wrote a book for you!

I’m so very excited to share that I’ve self-published my first book,Self-care: From the Trenches...with Love, Humour & a Kick in the Pants.

Do you feel tired, stressed and at the end of your rope? Caregiving is hard. The good news is that each of us is allowed to live a meaningful life and be happy despite our circumstances. Self-care is accessible to all - even caregivers. This book is a Roadmap to Self-care and is filled with humour, stories and actions as a way to remove the barriers and excuses that keep so many people from taking time for themselves.

Let me share a bit of my story with you…there’s nothing scarier than not being able to breathe. I had ignored my body’s warning signs of stress for so long, that a trip to emergency via ambulance was the wake-up call I needed to make a change.

When the doctor told me that there was nothing wrong and that I was perfectly healthy, I knew that I was on my own. At that moment, I realized that I needed to make changes in how I was managing my role as a caregiver to my young daughter with an intellectual disability and as a mother to my son.

Join me in embracing the self-care journey and in learning to find moments of joy on a daily basis. Trust me when I say there’s a surprise twist that you won’t see coming.

I invite you to buy this book for yourself or anyone who needs tools and strategies to pause the craziness of their day and take time to think about themselves. 📗Link: https://amzn.to/3op6ERs

Happy National Family Caregivers Month!

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