Selfcare4Caregivers Foundation Course

Check out the course ebook to learn more by clicking here - Selfcare4Caregivers Foundation Course Ebook

Develop skills and a path forward to contentment, patience and inner calmness.

Each lesson in my Selfcare4Caregivers course examines a different area in your life and includes action tasks that help you take stock of your current day and move you towards how you want your day to look and how you want to feel.

Give yourself grace. Be open to all of the possibilities. You are here because you want to make a change. I’m honoured and excited to guide you on your journey to self-care.

The Eight Lessons:

#1 Giving Yourself Permission

#2 Shifting Your Mindset

#3 Welcoming Your Emotions

#4 Examining Your Energy

#5 Discovering Your Worthiness

#6 Building Your Foundation for Wellness

#7 Creating Your Self-care Plan

#8 Setting Boundaries for Yourself

Check out the course ebook by clicking here - Selfcare4Caregivers Foundation Course Ebook

Now is the time to invest in your wellness. You deserve it!

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