Warrior Women Program

I am so excited to share my new offering with all the amazing moms in the world. Our softness is our strength. The strength comes from within.

Mission: unearthing warrior women - reclaiming what is lost.

Results: I offer a beautiful 4-month personal journey supporting women to look deeply inside of themselves and love all that they find - honouring perceived imperfections, asking honest questions and releasing judgment. Women come to know and love themselves as powerful warriors and summon the courage to choose happiness above all else.

Program details: 12 sessions of 1:1 coaching (90 minutes each) 

Next steps: let's chat to determine whether this is the right program for you. Email me at nicole@nicoledauz.com 

What it is warrior work?: 

*living in our truth unapologetically

*asking ourselves hard questions

  • Am I happy?
  • What lights me up?
  • Who depletes me?

*living from a place of “What would love do?”

*releasing judgment & comparison

*owning our power

*loving life

*loving ourselves 

*allowing ourselves to feel and accept all emotions

*letting the tears flow


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