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The author standing with her daughter and son at a disc golf basket. They're standing on grass and there are trees in the background and the sky is blue.
What My Journey Has Taught Me

by Nicole Dauz June 06, 2021

On this once unimaginable path, I’ve unearthed many gifts. The most profound being that my happiness was non-negotiable.

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A woman in a white camisole standing with her head down and holding her shoulders. She is facing away from the camera and we can only see her back.
Confronting My Caregiving-Related Trauma

by Nicole Dauz May 29, 2021

Comparing or minimizing our caregiving-related trauma can prevent us from healing. It’s never about the label itself, it’s about finding the tools, strategies, and supports to help you heal, find acceptance, and live a meaningful life.


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A row of five glass jars with purple lilacs in them. The jars are sitting on a while marble counter.
What Resistance Teaches Us

by Nicole Dauz May 21, 2021 5 Comments

What I discovered was that resistance is two energies competing against one another. The energy to evolve versus the energy to stay the same.

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